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Hello again, my fellow crafters and artisans. January is behind us. How is 2017 treating you so far? :wave: 
About 10 days ago we announced the start of our Comment Month for February. We're getting better responses now that everybody's partially recovered from the hustle-and-bustle of the holidays. And you can find the lovely entries for this month here and here. The most important thing, really, is this is the time to start commenting again. Remember, this is the chance to help a friend out! 

10th February - 28th February: It is time to get commenting. Anybody can comment on the submissions we have received in our folders.

1st - 9th March: Comment Month for January is over, but preparations for a new Comment Month are happening. Anybody who commented constructively will get a feature in CRArtisanCrafts and PhotographyGuide

Please remember:

Bullet; Pink The goal is to comment as constructively as possible. To make Comment Month successful, we encourage you to really think about your comment and make it constructive, so that it does not consist of only a few words. Tell someone what you (don't) like and why, it helps.

Bullet; Pink Once you have commented on the piece, copy the link to the piece and post it in a comment here. Please put as many links as possible into one comment, to keep things organised.

 Bullet; Pink You are free to comment on as many pieces as you like

Bullet; Pink Got questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Submitted Crafts:

For quick and easy access, here are all the works submitted to our folders:

[For Sale] Tokyo Ghoul: Yotsume by bluediscord Daxter custom plush by Peluchiere Shoulder bag by thehobbypanda
for my sister by rosnicka17 Royal starfish realistic sculpture by SculptedCreations Mugenhoyo by SinistrosePhosphate

We hope that everyone participates in Comment Month, whether it is through suggesting or commenting instead. You really can’t 'lose' here, so please join in, spread the word (the more people the better!), have fun, suggest and comment, comment, comment! :eager: by darkmoon3636

And if you are worried that you missed the boat on this month's comments... don't worry. Put on your best commentator's three-piece-suit and start commenting. And plan to join us next month! w00t!

By the way... 
I have to apologise to reedymanedkelpie 
I forgot to feature their really amazing sculptures from last month! So, to make it up to you... I'm going to feature them here. Please forgive me!!! 

Winged Horse in Bronze by reedymanedkelpie Seahorse by reedymanedkelpie Moment of Truth (2nd view) by reedymanedkelpie

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Welcome to #CRArtisanCrafts!

Welcome to #CRArtisanCrafts!

CRArtisanCrafts is a group led by the Artisan Crafts CVs dedicated to the Artisan Crafts Gallery of deviantART.

Our goal is to support the Artisan Crafts community through CRArtisanCrafts with challenges, interviews, events and more!

Feel free to join us; membership is automatic.
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Your current Artisan Crafts CVs are


Please contact us if you have any questions, ideas or DD suggestions. We love to hear from you!

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karlyl - Hey! You took our $$ and did not deliver what you promised. In fact, you delivered nothing. Send our Master back. Crook!!
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