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Hello, my fellow artisans and crafters :wave: 

You might remember our recent collaboration with projecteducate with our "Artisan Craft Week." We hope you enjoyed the articles! And if you happened to miss it, here is a quick summary of all the fun we've had: Artisan Craft Week articles 

One of the articles talked about "What not to do when crafting". It was originally meant offer some advice and tips to people who are just starting out in a craft. The goal was to have people enjoy what they decide to try out and not give up half-way due to the various kinds of frustrations that we all, from time to time, run into. However, we have received a lot of useful and insightful feedback with this article. So, in this very special edition of "The Great Tutorial Round-up" we will be sharing some of the pearls from your fellow artisans and crafters. I hope you'll enjoy them! :) 

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From :iconmaddinja: 

For anyone who wants to start out knitting, crocheting or with some kind of lacework: go to thrift stores like Value Village and Goodwill. Buy cheap yarn there (Red Heart Super Saver or similar) for the first two, and keep an eye out for Aunt Lydia's or Southern Maid size 10 cotton crochet thread. You should also be able to find crochet hooks and knitting needles. This way you can start cheap and test the waters for under $5. Also, I would recommend only buying yarn that still has its tag, so you actually know what you're getting
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From :iconmaylar: 

When something we do starts feeling empty, maybe it is time to take something else, even if it's just on [the] side. The whole process of learning the thing is healing on its own and when you actually start making something, it's always feels beautiful. There's no comparison. 

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From :iconerzsabet: 

With tatting, I started big... A complicated pattern from the back of my tatting pattern book. I wanted to make something I know would serve a purpose. It took me more than a year to finish, because I kept putting it down... It was also full of mistakes and the tension was way off. Sloppy. Because I wasn't experienced yet. So start small, get the hang of things, THEN go for the big projects!

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From :iconsukaiproject: 

... It's alright to be patient with our works until we finish our goals.

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From :iconuszatyarbuz: 

keep the order on your working place as nice as possible. It's so easy during the progress to get drowned in small paper scraps and other trash. 

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From :iconchaosfay: 

1. Crafting takes time.  A lot of time.  That's not just making one item either, that's including LEARNING and IMPROVING.  
2. Accept your limits.  Don't set them, because you don't know what they are.  When they arrive don't see them as limits, but instead as a challenge.  Learn from it, and only then will you know if it's something you can do now or later or not at all.  
3. Rotate. By this I mean don't do just ONE thing. You're going to get bored and burned out otherwise. (This artist does multiple kinds of crafts and also paint and draw, for example.) When I feel a burn-out coming up I rotate before I start to hate.  Rotate before you hate. 
4. Don't expect to sell anything. I've been selling online for years, but for awhile I was making less than $200/year selling online.  People want to touch, feel, and see the jewelry in person. It's taken years to get my "brand" known (Nay-Nay Macrame). 
5. Expect to fail.  Prepare for it.  Your first, second, third thing you make won't be great.  But the second will be better than the first and the third will be better than the second. Disappointment is heartbreaking, but it was a wake-up call.  Now I set small goals and expect to hit at least 50% of them.

A few tips:
Star! YouTube is your friend!
Star! If you want to learn how to sew or quilt you have options. Consider taking a sewing class at a local fabric store.  It cost only $10, was three hours long, they provided everything. I also looked up videos on YouTube for extra support on how to use my sewing machine, too.  
Star! Most crafters are visual learners. There are a lot of tutorials here on how to do things in the crafting community.  There are thousands of crafting groups here.  Don't feel shy about asking how to do something.  Odds are the person you ask may not know but they know someone who does. 
Star! Buy low quality stuff when you're learning.  When I teach macrame I use yarn from the dollar store.  When my student(s) are advanced enough for beads I get plastic beads from the dollar store.  
Star! There's a lot of free classes, lessons, patterns, etc available online.  Your local library may have several craft books you can check-out. 
Star! Don't expect to master something in less than ten years.  You heard me right.  A decade.  That's a long time.  That's also a lot of learning, practice, gifts, trades, and maybe in five years you'll feel it's good enough to start selling. There's always someone better out there! So... 
Star! Never compare your work to what someone else made.  I did that for awhile, seeing what other macrame artists have made.  I hated myself and everything I made.  It nearly destroyed me. Your work is DIFFERENT.  If you want to see how much you've improved every year take a previous thing you've made and make it again using what you know now.  Compare yourself only to yourself.  
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Join me in giving a big hand to everybody who came forward to share their experiences with us! Clap Clap Clap I know I learned a lot, personally. And I hope you will, too! 

Community; what deviantART is all about!Community; what deviantART is all about!Community; what deviantART is all about!Community; what deviantART is all about!Community; what deviantART is all about! 

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